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6 Smart Technology’s that will change your home FOREVER!

Cushions and vases are our go to here at Victoria & Co. but we like to mix things up. We love a bit of smart tech to help step up our homes, this is the 21st century after all!!

We’re going to share with you 6 of our favourite smart technology devices that are promised to change your home and life forever! So let’s get to it!

1 – Virtual Assistants Google / Alexa / Siri

The best way I can describe a Virtual Assistant is that it’s a small voice activated computer that has the answers to 1000s of questions. The market is flooded with different company versions all delivering very similar finished products, with Google Nests, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod. I use mine mostly as a speaker but it’s great for day to day questions. Both Victoria and I love our smart Virtual Assistants although she’s team Alexa and I’m team Google.

Recommend Room- Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom

2 - Smart Plugs

Smart Plugs are just that, plugs that are smart! These bad boys can be used anywhere around the house. Just plug it in at the wall and then plug in your chosen lamp or TV etc. into your smart plug. You will then be able to remotely control this item with a special app on your phone.

You can even link your Virtual Assistant. Alexa …turn on plug one.

Recommend Room - Living Room, Bedroom

3 - Smart Bulb

Anyone else hate having to get out of bed having just got in, because you forgot to turn the lights off?! Well this one’s for you, you can buy a range of different light bulbs to fit your needs and can even get some that change colour. This is a must for those who want to create some mood lighting as part of your interior design. All blubs can be controlled via a smartphone app or those useful virtual assistants.

Recommended Room - Living Room, Bedroom

4 - Friendship Lamps

Trust me, this is the sweetest technology you have ever heard of. Often sold as a set of two these WiFi lamps are connected to each other, keep one for yourself and gift one to a loved one. Every time you miss that person touch the lamp and their lamp will light up in their favourite colour. Bound to brighten up anyone’s day as they will know you’re thinking of them. Why didn’t we know about this lamp in lockdown!